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Public Speaking

Let me take you on magical journey, of how light is the most important force that we have on this earth and how you can harness its power for your mental health, productivity, motivation, and energy levels, right in front of your workspace, right now.


As an experienced neurodivergent public speaker, offering a life affirming and performance enhancing talk on the power of light to uplift our lives. Human behaviour is at the core of my investigative artistic journey. Through this journey I have witnessed the inherent bond that us humans have to light. Light guides us both consciously and subconsciously and dictates how we move, feel, and experience the world around us. I want to teach and educate people on the importance for light alongside mental health, tuning into our circadian rhythm and our connection to the space around us.

Speaker Topics

  • Enhance your productivity through light

  • Why light is so important for our mental health

  • How I changed my Neurodiversity into my superpower

For enquiries please contact


Arc magazine, 6 page, interview, June

Mic drop, guest speaker on light and well-being, August



Light 22 - The Importance of Light Art - November

Headline speaker at Hive Collective talk, June

How to be brilliant, Headline speaker, International lighting professionals, talk, June

Designerati Podcast, June



Saatchi Gallery, live stream 'How do we make events work', Panel of three, July

Power of light, Let’s Talk series,  IMEX Buzz Day,  July



Light for mental wellness, Google, July 2020

Power of light, Google, December 2020


Hear yourself Think, Ideas Exchange, PRG – November 2019, London UK

Power of Light, Royal College of Art - London UK May 2019



The Power of Storytelling, IBTM World, - October 2018 Barcelona

Hear yourself Think, Ideas Exchange, PRG – September 2018, London UK

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