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Public Speaking

Did you know that light has more of an impact on the brain than food or sleep? No? Let me tell you more.

Frankie Boyle, a renowned light artist, not only inspires through art but also collaborates with businesses to demonstrate how to harness the power of light for mental health, productivity, and motivation, both in office and home working environments.

In concrete terms, Frankie delivers talks on how light affects mental health. The goal is to educate people on the importance of light to the brain, tuning into the circadian rhythm, and connecting to the surrounding space. Frankie offers in-person or digital presentations outlining how light impacts individuals and how each employee can improve their overall mental health by implementing simple changes in both office and home environments.


Frankie also offers consultations to review office or in-home setups, aiming to create the best working environment for staff, resulting in improved productivity and well-being.

Having had the pleasure of working with notable clients like Google and the Saatchi Gallery, Frankie is open to explore potential collaborations.


Example Speaker Topics:

  • Enhance your productivity through light

  • Why light is so important for our mental health

  • How I changed my Neurodiversity into my superpower


For enquiries please contact

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