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Frankie Boyle is a UK-based visual artist who specialises in the language of light as her form of expression. Her work explores how light, colour and form blend to evoke our emotions and how we subconsciously experience space and the environments we inhabit.


Through her understanding of light, Frankie's work can support concept and storytelling over a decade of work within the arts, brands and events, building on many years of research into the importance of light to well-being, its intrinsic role in our cognitive processes and mental health.


In her work, Frankie explores the intricate interactions between evolving technical discoveries, biological light and how to deploy multisensory elements to strengthen and deepen our understanding of life. Heightened receptivity creates stronger emotional and more memorable connections, and the more we can synchronise the sensory cortex of the brain, the more profound and powerful our experiences.

My fascination with light and how we connect with it has become my main drive and passion in life. Harnessing the essence of that response is the focus in my work. Through my light research, I have learnt to create artworks that allow us to stop, pause and be present with our emotions, with the understanding of how light is perceived and processed by our brains.


Light enriches our lives and with light comes vision, wellbeing and life. I want to utilise light in a way that creates hope, tranquility, curiosity and reflection within communities for restorative communal health. Through my journey with light, I have continued to learn and be influenced by the dynamic effect, strength, and importance it has on our mental health and wellbeing.

BIO                                                                                                                              Artist Statement

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