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Frankie Boyle is an accomplished Experiential Creative Director and Artist specialising in Immersive and Experiential Design, with a profound focus on light and colour theory. Despite challenges from a speech and language disorder and dyslexia, Boyle’s journey has cultivated a heightened sensitivity to light and a deep understanding of human behaviour. With over a decade of experience in the event and lighting industries, she is recognised for crafting installations and experiences that guide audiences through transformative emotional journeys.


Combining scientific inquiry with creative expression, Boyle’s work is distinguished by her mastery of physics, colour theory, and the psychology of perception. Her installations explore the intricate interplay of light and emotion, creating immersive environments that prompt introspection and self-discovery.


Boyle’s passion lies in leveraging light as a medium to evoke hope, tranquility, curiosity, and reflection within communities, thereby promoting communal well-being. Her expertise extends beyond artistic creation; she is adept at collaborating closely with teams to understand project goals, translate concepts into impactful experiences, and ensure seamless execution.


As a creative director, Boyle excels in conceptualising and designing experiences that resonate deeply with audiences, fostering emotional connections and leaving lasting impressions. Her ability to merge artistic creativity with scientific understanding makes her an invaluable asset to projects seeking to engage, inspire, and uplift through immersive art and experiential design.


With a commitment to continuous learning and innovation, Boyle remains at the forefront of exploring light’s dynamic effects on mental health and human behaviour, advocating for its therapeutic potential in immersive art. Her holistic approach and dedication to excellence make her a trusted collaborator for projects aiming to create meaningful, memorable experiences that enrich lives and strengthen community bonds.

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