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Inspired by the fascination of our connection to light and our dream like state that occurs when we find ourselves staring into the depths of a naked flame, I produced LUCID.

Alluring and enticing our attention to glide along its long curves, the light draws ever changing provocative paths in the air, provoking us into a curious, meditative state.


This sinuous sculpture not only plays with our connection to ourselves but our perception of space and how we feel and connect to our environment. As the flowing line of light dances across the sculpture we start to experience our space in an ever changing and contrasting narrative of colour and shadow.

This piece uses a hand-woven diffuser made from 100% wool, which is naturally flame retardant and fully biodegradable and renewable. The play of light through the pure white fibres adds depth and warmth to the programmable LEDs. A fusion of raw, biophilic materials in conjunction with content design and technology.

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